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CSCL 2015

Title: Orchestration Issues Raised by Transposing an Individual Paper-Pased Activity into a CSCL Tablet-Based Activity: an Example Abstract: This article presents an analysis of the implementation and orchestration challenges raised by turning a traditional paper-based activity (dictation) into a CSCL activity. It illustrates how implementing a CSCL version of a classical teaching setting can raise many new issues for teachers. Teachers must make design (scripting) decisions at different stages, both before and during the session.

ECTEL 2015

Title: A model to support monitoring for classroom orchestration in a tablet-based CSCL activity Abstract: The work presented in this article addresses CSCL settings in which students work with tablets in classrooms. The objective is to study how to equip teachers with tablets to monitor students’ progress and intervene when required. We propose a model that provides teachers with both quantitative and qualitative run-time feedback based on the students’ progress. An implementation of this model was tested in the context of an activity called negotiated dictation.