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My Students Have Talent

What’s this post about?

You might be wondering this. This post kind of breaks the series of posts on the Advent of Code 2020. To those following me on Twitter, you might know that my MacBook got a little issue with its screen and, long story short, here I am again with my new laptop after a pretty long and involuntary pause.

Anyway, my students and I are currently in the super hectic period in-between semesters. They have to prepare for their exams and project presentations. We have to prepare and grade exams while getting ready for the second semester. This post is just about that: my Android dev students presenting the projects they have been working on for a few months now.

Words of the week: resilience and admiration

It goes without saying that the year 2020 was tough to everybody. In France, it was particularly difficult for university students as they were stuck with remote teaching while they watched K-12 students having a somewhat normal education. Why should they remain at home while high schools were still open? What is the rationale behind closing universities but not middle schools and high schools? And so, in this context, it would be an understatement to say that some of my students were (and probably still are) quite in distress.

But despite the lock-downs and the isolation, they all have worked really hard to present their amazing Android apps. And today, I am really proud to say that my students are truly exceptional. I admire their strength and resilience as they worked in groups to develop great apps.

However, I know for a fact that the semester was particularly difficult for some of them. And so, I believe it is important that everyone sees and recognises how hard they worked. And I hope that many will also join me in saying: “My students have talent.”

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