This project explores the use of programmable robots to learn in CS and STEM.


During my stay at KMi, I worked a little bit on the Rexplore project. More info on the Rexplore website.

Garden Monitor

During my stay at KMi, I mainly worked on the Garden Monitor project. More info on the Garden Monitor website.

Orchestration of tablet-based classroom activities

PhD project on the design of orchestration technologies for teachers.


. Learning with Robots in CS and STEM Education: A Case Study with ISEP-R0B0. 4th Workshop on Robots for Learning at Human Robot-Interaction, 2018.

Preprint Project

. A Model to Support Monitoring for Classroom Orchestration in a Tablet-Based CSCL Activity. In 10th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, 2015.

Preprint PDF Project

. Orchestration Issues Raised by Transposing an Individual Paper-Based Activity into a CSCL Tablet-Based Activity: an Example. In 11th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 2015.

Preprint PDF Project


Track Supervisor:

  • French Software Engineering specialization track (since Fall 2018)
  • International Software Engineering specialization track (since Fall 2018)


  • II.1101: Apprentissage par Projet en Développement Web (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)
  • II.1102: Algorithmique et Programmation (Fall 2018)
  • II.3510: Mobile development for Android (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)

Course Supervisor:

  • II.3516: Programming languages and Compilers (in English)
  • II.3518: Formal approaches (in English)

Teaching Assistant:

  • II.2306-2406: Web technologies with Java EE (Fall 2017, Spring 2018)

More information about these courses can be found here.

Recent Posts

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I bought some micro:bit cards to play around with. Here is some feedback as well as a very short description of the ISEP-R0B0 project.


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After three weeks of teaching CT.1103 - Introduction to CS, here are some of my impressions on how that went so far.


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