Selected Publications

In technology-enhanced learning, orchestration technologies refer to computer systems that support teachers in the orchestration of learning applications. Due to the specificity and diversity of each learning application, the use of these orchestration technologies is often not adequate in situations that they were not designed for in the first place. In this article, we tackle this issue and present the software framework Chao. This framework has been designed to provide a set of classes, methods, and user interfaces to facilitate the development of orchestration technologies for tablets. The evaluation of this framework concerns its design, the usability of its user interfaces, and its ability to be adapted for various learning applications. The results suggest that teachers found the instances of the framework useful in assisting them during their orchestration tasks, and that little work is required to instantiate the framework.
In Int. J. Technology-Enhanced Learning, 2018.



This project explores the use of a visual programming language to program robots.


During my stay at KMi, I worked a little bit on the Rexplore project. More info on the Rexplore website.

Garden Monitor

During my stay at KMi, I mainly worked on the Garden Monitor project. More info on the Garden Monitor website.

Orchestration of tablet-based classroom activities

PhD project on the design of orchestration technologies for teachers.


I am responsible for the following courses:

  • II.3510 - Mobile Development
  • II.3518 - Formal Approaches

I am a lecturer for the following courses:

  • CT.1103 - Introduction to Computer Science with Python
  • AI.1101 - Web Development Project-Based Learning
  • II.3510 - Mobile Development

I am a lab supervisor for the following courses:

  • II.2306/II.2406 - Web Technologies

I am also supervising students in the following courses:

  • IP.3510 - Final Year Projects

Recent Posts

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I bought some micro:bit cards to play around with. Here is some feedback as well as a very short description of the ISEP-R0B0 project.


Today, I ran my first race ever. And now my legs hurt.


After three weeks of teaching CT.1103 - Introduction to CS, here are some of my impressions on how that went so far.