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That’s it. SIGCSE 2019 is over. Here are the thoughts of a first timer to this conference.

For my teachings, I have tried several tools to write presentation slides. Here is my reflection on what I have used so far during the …

This is a brief report on the Hour of Code session we organized at ISEP. We took advantage of this session to run an experiment that …

Book review (in French) of the Three-Body Problem, by Chinese SF writer Liu Cixin.

I bought some micro:bit cards to play around with. Here is some feedback as weel as a very short description of the ISEP-R0B0 project.

Recent Publications

Physical computing is about programming and interacting with a tangible object to learn fundamental concepts of Computer Science (CS). …

La programmation physique est une approche visant à programmer et interagir avec un objet tangible programmable pour apprendre des …

Social media is an amazing platform for enhancing public exposure. Anyone, even social bots, can reach out to a vast community and …

ISEP-R0B0 is a project which combines a small programmable robot and a visual programming language. Its goal is to provide a …


Track supervisor:

  • French Software Engineering specialization track (since Fall 2018)
  • International Software Engineering specialization track (since Fall 2018)

Course Instructor:

  • II.1101: Apprentissage par Projet en Développement Web (in French)
  • II.1102: Algorithmique et Programmation (in French)
  • II.3510: Développement d’applications mobiles Android (in English)
  • II.3516: Langages et Compilation (in English)
  • II.3518: Méthodes formelles (in English)

More information about these courses can be found here.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

This is the slides I used to present our paper accepted at ITiCSE 2019.

This is the slide deck I used to present our paper accepted at EIAH 2019 (in French).

En quoi les travaux de recherche en Machine Learning peuvent-ils conduire à la création d’une nouvelle génération de fake news ?

Each year, A1 students at ISEP must chooes a specialization track. This talk is to describe the Software Engineering track that I …

This talk first introduces some fundamental learning theories that are commonly used in the learning sciences before focusing on …


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