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Teaching activities

Current teaching activities

At HEP Lausanne, my teaching activities covers several duties:

  1. I teach Computer Science Education in a professional development course to high school teachers that wish to teach Computer Science in their respective schools as part of the GymInf programme.
  2. I supervise these high school teachers by going to their classrooms and observing their practices and giving feedback.
  3. I teach Computer Science Education to primary and middle school teachers as part of the EduNum project deployed in the Canton of Vaud.
  4. I teach Computer Science to Bachelor students who had no previous experience in CS or programming, and who are pursuing a degree to teach in primary schools.

Previous teaching activities

Before joining HEP Lausanne, I was teaching mostly Computer Science courses. That would consist in CS1 courses using either Python or Java, Web development courses, and also Android development ones.

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