II.1102 - Algorithmique et Programmation

Course syllabus

In this course, students will learn the following concepts:

  • Elementary notions of Computer Science (variables, conditionals, loops)
  • Functions and methods
  • Data structures in Java
  • Key notions of object oriented programming
  • Software design

The course is entirely taught in French.

Lecture slides

The slides used for the Fall 2018 lectures are being updated. They will be posted here soon. <!– Slides of the Fall 2018 lectures are available here (in French):

  • Cours 1 : Pensée informatique et bases de Java (slides)
  • Cours 2 : Variables, structures conditionnelles, et boucles (slides)
  • Cours 3 : Notions intermédiaires d’algorithmie (slides)
  • Cours 4 : Outils de debug (slides)
  • Cours 5 : Collections et structures de données (slides)
  • Cours 6 : Introduction à la Programmation Orientée Objet (slides)
  • Cours 7 : Conception et modélisation orientée objet (slides)
  • Cours 8 : Manipulation de fichiers, Utilisation de bibliothèques (slides)
  • Cours 9 : Révisions et partiels des années précédentes (slides) –>

    Additional information

If you are a prospective A1 student and have specific questions about this course, feel free to directly write me an email. The only thing that I ask you is to use II.1102 as a prefix to the topic of your email.

Patrick Wang
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Interested in how people learn CS, among other things.