II.1101 - APP Informatique

Course syllabus

In this students, students work in teams to design and develop a web site from scratch, from writing down specifications to programming the web application. Throughout this semester, students will learn both technical and management skills that are sought after by companies nowadays such as:

  • Being able to work in a team with collaborative tools such as GitHub
  • Planning a project using standard tools
  • Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop front-ends
  • Using PHP annd MySQL to develop back-ends

Since this course is a project-based learning course, I am tutoring each group and make sure that they are advancing in their projects. As a consequence, there is no lecture per se.

Additional information

If you are a prospective A1 student at ISEP and have specific questions about this course, feel free to directly contact me by email. The only thing that I ask from you is to use APP as a prefix to the topic of your email.

Patrick Wang
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Interested in how people learn CS, among other things.