Presentation of the Software Engineering specialization track


Each year, A1 students at ISEP must chooes a specialization track. This talk is to describe the Software Engineering track that I supervise.

Presentation of ISEP Specialization Tracks
ISEP, Paris

Every year, track supervisors have to present the different choices that A1 ISEP students have before getting a specialized training. Being responsible for the Software Engineering track, I described its rationale and contents during two half-day sessions.

We also usually have industrial partners who come and present possible jobs that our students can pretend to. This year, I had the pleasure to welcome Jorge Texeira and Marine Gallois from AUSY on Jan. 31st, and Antonin Lenfant from Criteo on Feb. 1st.

Slides to my talk can be provided on demand.

Patrick Wang
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Interested in how people learn CS, among other things.