Orchestration Issues Raised by Transposing an Individual Paper-Based Activity into a CSCL Tablet-Based Activity: an Example


This article presents an analysis of the implementation and orchestration challenges raised by turning a traditional paper-based activity (dictation) into a CSCL activity. It illustrates how implementing a CSCL version of a classical teaching setting can raise many new issues for teachers. Teachers must make design (scripting) decisions at different stages, both before and during the session. Some support must therefore be provided, such as means to manage learner productions, focus learner tasks or support learner interactions in different ways. Although the concerns identified and the features implemented here relate to a particular study, they may have a wider scope of application.

In 11th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL).
Patrick Wang
Patrick Wang
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Interested in how people teach and learn Computer Science, amongst other things.