Physical Computing

Comparing the Effects of Using a Tangible Object or a Simulation in Learning Elementary CS Concepts: A Case Study with Block-Based Programming

Learning elementary Computer Science (CS) concepts can often be difficult for young students. The literature presents two main practices to introduce programming: using digital environments (e.g., integrated development environments, command-line …

Hour of Code 2018 at ISEP

This is a brief report on the Hour of Code session we organized at ISEP. We took advantage of this session to run an experiment that will be described in this post.

Tangible objects or simulations in CSE?

This talk first introduces some fundamental learning theories that are commonly used in the learning sciences before focusing on Computer Science Education and the use of programming tangible objects to learn elementary programming concepts.

Hands on the micro:bit card

I bought some micro:bit cards to play around with. Here is some feedback as weel as a very short description of the ISEP-R0B0 project.