On this page, you can find a list of all the projects I have been involved in.

The framework Chao is the result of my doctoral research. Garden Monitor and Rexplore are projects I worked on during my stay at the Knowledge Media Institute, the Open University.

Framework Chao

The software Chao is the result of my doctoral project. It lies within the field of Technology-Enhanced Learning, and more specifically of classroom orchestration.

The general objective was to support teachers in their orchestration tasks. To do so, I designed and developed a software framework for Android applications. This framework offers a library of classes and methods that facilitates the development of orchestration technologies for tablets.

Garden Monitor

Garden Monitor is part of the MK:Smart project, which develops innovative solutions to help Milton Keynes to maintain its economic and demographic growth in a sustainable fashion. Garden Monitor is an Android application that informs its users on when they should water their gardens.

Garden Monitor uses Machine Learning techniques to learn how the soil moisture of each monitored garden reacts to changes in weather conditions. Based on these daily updated models, Garden Monitor builds soil moisture forecasts for the next ten days, helping users to adopt smart and efficient watering behaviours.

I invite my readers to check the Garden Monitor dedicated website for more information on this project. There is additional news regarding a user trial that was conducted in the summer of 2016.


Rexplore proposes to classify and analyse academic publications. A main contribution of Rexplore is the ontology of topic built from classifying a large amount of scholarly data. Using techniques from big data, machine learning, and semantic technologies, Rexplore can identify trends in research or classify conference proceedings or books according to the aforementioned ontology.

I also invite my readers to go and check the Rexplore website for additional information.