ISEP-R0B0 is a project led by ISEP and funded by the Fondation Orange. I am the leader of this project, and collaborate with Frédéric Amiel and Xun Zhang from the Electronics department at ISEP.

Its objective is to design a system consisting of a programmable educational robot and a web-based visual programming language. With this project, we wish to provide novice programmers with affordable and full-fledged products that would introduce them to the world of Computer Science and programming.

This project is a work in progress. Its development can be followed on its dedicated website (which should be launched shortly.)

You can find below a list of publications related to this project.


. Learning with Robots in CS and STEM Education: A Case Study with ISEP-R0B0. 4th Workshop on Robots for Learning at Human Robot-Interaction, 2018.

Preprint Project